Curriculum Design

Module 101 Essentials of Curriculum Design

Module 102 Instructional Design Strategies

Module 103  Use of Assessment for Learning and Competency Development

Module 104 Essentials of Workplace Learning


Teaching and Learning Strategies

Module 201 Use of Questions and Critical Thinking

Module 202 Concept Teaching and Learning

Module 203 Collaborative and Cooperative Learning

Module 204 Problem-based Learning and Authentic Learning

Module 205 Essentials of Field Studies

Module 206 Reflective Learning and Practice

Module 207 Facilitation Strategies

Module 208 Game-based Learning


School Effectiveness and Education Management 

Module 301 Training Needs Analysis

Module 302 Leadership Development for Middle Management

Module 303 Appraisals for School and Individuals

Module 304 Education Philosophies

Module 305 Education Psychologies


Academic Content-related *

English Language & the Humanities, Science & Mathematics

*customised to the needs of the institutions and learners.